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As a kid growing up, my family and I moved all over the city of Pittsburgh. Living in so many different neighborhoods gave me the opportunity to make a countless variety of friends and really embrace the entire city as my home. From Saturday mornings shopping in The Strip District to summers at Kennywood and the Three Rivers Regatta to the always thriving nightlife of Carson Street on the South Side and those late night grubs at The Dirty O (The Original Hot Dog Shop) in Oakland, I truly do live and love My City. We are now nationally known as “The City of Champions“ thanks to our NHL Penguins and NFL Steelers teams but what‘s not so well-known about Pittsburgh is the caliber of character in our people and the pride we all have being natives of this town. You aren’t just born in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh raises you. Pittsburgh teaches what pride and determination mean. Pittsburgh trains you in developing a strong work ethic and sound moral code. Pittsburgh is a city rich with resources and opportunities readily available to any who have the courage to make bold decisions and are brave enough to be proud in their purpose and succeed in life without shame or regret. This city, My City…Pittsburgh has supported my every goal and only asked that, in return, I be dedicated to being the best human being I can be and…GIVE BACK!!

Well, I am a dedicated “BURGH” individual and with our McM “I’m So Burgh” t-shirt line, I’m giving back. The “I’m So Burgh” t-shirt was designed with the goal of celebrating the City of Pittsburgh in its entirety as its own living, breathing, growing entity. We are more than our professional sports teams and arenas. We are doctors, nurses, school teachers, laborers, executives, bankers, politicians, lovers, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, cousins, uncles, aunts, grandparents, etc. “I’m So Burgh” is more than a catch phrase or slogan. It speaks of the culture and uniqueness of Pittsburgh; its people, its character, its geographic place on the map and its past, present and future as a one of our country’s most industrial and every evolving cities. Whether you know us as Steel City, Burgh Town, Steelers County or any of our other popular monikers, we are Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In this city, Our City, Our Home, We Love Life and Live Rich. And we are…’SO BURGH”!!

Thank you all for your continued support. See yinz guys in a bit.